5 Ways a Publishing House Beats Amazon Self-Publishing

If you ask me do I know any published authors, I can safely say you are looking at one, without lying in the process. But I am yet to hold that title under the Publishing House umbrella, which means I will soon leave the self-publishing boat for metaphorical watercraft that arguably has a better captain. Enter the traditional publishing.

But why am I even considering going through this process when there is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing out there, especially when traditional publishing infamously guarantees your book will not see the light of day for at least a year and a half?

4 Amazing Things I Discovered in a Book Writing Process

I am an author of a book, which is something I never had on my bucket list. Yet this whole process ended up being an unforgettable ride, as the vision and the execution of my idea turned into a gift that kept on giving. This is what I learned from this experience.