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I am the author of my own life’s work – a book that is published under the umbrella of UK-based publishing house Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers – in digital and paperback form – on 28/04/2022. The book is now available on many different platforms, and a list of most of them can be found below.

The book focuses on specific life adversity, as well as broad struggles many people can identify with. It’s a bravely written open diary that brings truth to the main stage, and a moving display of one person’s desire to break open the closet doors to save her own life.

What compelled me to share my story?

Many believed in me but I didn’t always believe in myself. At the same time, If you were a person I cared about, I believed you, so I had no other choice but to believe your belief is not just a manifestation of empathy or grief.

This is my main source of motivation because it’s a luxury to have people who underline your talents when even you can’t single them out, and the greatest joy to me is showing these amazing human beings that there were on to something.

What I was, and still partially am, is socially disorientated. My social equilibrium is out of whack, punched out like I was in a boxing match, and only recently have I felt like I can actually differentiate life phases and recognize if my life is moving, spinning, or standing still.

Ina F.

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