Life Hack – How I Weaponized Goals to Fight Off Depression

As a person who fought waves of depression most of her life, I can safely say I have no idea how to define this state of mind. Not only that, I can never claim to be stuck in any specific level of depression, because during the toughest times, I cared less about the size of that wave, and more about my balance on that surfing board. This is how I deal with my diversity.

English Hack – This is How Eminem Helped me With my Pronunciation | VIDEO

Croatian is my first language, as I was born and raised in this beautiful, small European country, but we were always surrounded by the English language as kids. However, speaking and improvising was something I had to learn/improve later in my life, and this is how I did it.

Rap God? 6 Reasons Why Eminem’s Status is Completely Justified

Since the year 2000, fans were standing up for “The Real Slim Shady” in numbers that, for many people in the industry, were surprising and hard to comprehend. His star shines bright even today, and here is why it makes perfect sense.