VIDEO Blog! Opening Eminem Curtain Call 2 CD & Reacting to “Is This Love” Song feat. 50 Cent

I am a huge Eminem fan, and since I treated my Stan-self with a copy of his latest greatest hits album called Curtain Call 2, I decided to open it up for the first time in front of the camera!

In this video we will cover the songs that are included on both CDs. I will share my opinion on some of them, we will take a look at the images inside, and I will share some interesting details I heard on Paul’s podcast that featured Slim Shady himself!

At the very end, I will press play for the first time on Em’s song with 50 Cent, called Is This Love! Enjoy, like, and share!

Published by Ina

I am an ambitious, versatile, resourceful, and conscientious person with strong creative output. I adore writing and I love helping people. I am a published author, with an exclusive book under the Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers umbrella, called Pussified: A sex change story I didn't have the balls to tell.

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